Carsten Nielsen, a Danish science journalist, uses songwriting as a way of expressing emotion from his fact-based world of research and technology. His debut album “Rerun”  a story of offenders repeating their mistakes, some could even be his own, like the rerun of old movies. The songs are truthful experiences, with a dark twist to them. Danophone means either Danish speaker by birth or by adoption and is also the city where, according to the UN, is the Happiest City in Europe. However, Danophone’s first album is somewhat depressing and brings on a catalogue of regrets.

“Rerun” has a few tracks that originated from cassette tape demos, they were kept because of the authenticity, not the noise and flutter it created. Nielsen confesses that he truly loves recording on cassettes as with computers nowadays, everything can be created or mixed or written without the unique, authentic sounds from a cassette tape where everything is real, and nothing is created.