Electric Parlor originated in Los Angeles, California. Their sound is a very classic based sound, with hints of Janis Joplin and Black Sabbath, but with a modern flare. In 2012, members Kris Far, Josh Fell, and Zachary Huling moved to Los Angeles more-or-less around the same time and soon met up with Monique Alvarez. Alvarez got everyone together and eventually they all came to the conclusion of being a unique rock and roll band. Just a year later, they found themselves emerged in the underground scene of Los Angeles.

epIn 2013, the band grouped their money together and recorded their first debut at Big Scary Tree Studios in California. They chose to kick it old school and record ‘analog to tape’ style, truly taking in the classic feel they were looking for and they wanted to bring back. The band has referred to Monique Alvarez as the lovechild of both Janis Joplin and Black Sabbath as she has the unique growl and howl that cannot be mimicked, that fits in perfectly with the energetic vibe that the band was going for.

The band chose the right sound for Monique Alvatrez’s voice. They wanted something that was unique and went back to the ’60s and ’70s that was like no other band out there. You truly hear the rawness in their work and how out of the box they play.

10342479_433646600139597_9110069450232574950_nIn 2015, after just three years of working their blood, sweat and tears together, the band signed with The Weihgartner Phonogram Company and are preparing themselves for their first vinyl album.

If you enjoy the classics, give Electric Parlor a listen here