American HighOut of Sacramento, California, American High are influenced but the punk rock and 60s era of alternative rock. Earlier this year, they released their debut full-length album “Bones In The Attic, Flowers In The Basement”. Their different sounds have different perspectives in not only the personal but the social and the political as well, which gives them a unique yet dark sound to them. The band has admitted that this is their version of an anti-war message as their record is an anti-war record. They believe that their songs September and I Can’t Change are their version of an attempt to put a face to everyone’s way of forcing people to do things they don’t want to do; they believe that “everyone should concentrate on minding [their] own business rather than point guns at [one] other and demand obedience.”

This foursome enjoys playing their music their way with spreading a message the way they chose too. They not only pay respects to their influences who have passed on, they try and spread out all the sounds they play no matter the decade they’re from; that is to say, things like harmonies, hooks, and their collaborated ideas, and express them in different ways with their chosen influences and sounds. They enjoy the idea of freeform songs instead of the typical layout of each and every song out there. They prefer to mix things up a little with having a dark and sad song sung by a happy and cheery singer.

“Happy singers singing dark songs of love lost, the costs of constant war, and a scream into the night.  WAKE UP!”