Ryan Murphy never fails to exceed my satisfaction, which he should get a round of applause for, as its rare men can satisfy me… anyways. Like every season of American Horror Story, a Halloween episode is included in the season. This season’s episode includes a series of freaky stuff.

One thing I love about American Horror Story is that now and then, they base their episodes off real life people from the past. For example; Season 1, the Murder House featured the Black Dahlia case. Season 2, Asylum showcased a woman named Lana Winters who was based on Nellie Bly. Season 3, the Coven features Marie Laveau and killer Delphine Lalaurie. Of course, there are other people and stories featured but that’s just the gist of it to get my point across!

This special two-part episode presents Edward Mordrake, a man who suffers from craniofacial duplication, which is having parts or the whole face duplicated on the head. This man had a face behind his head and was known for committing suicide due to the fear and frustration from having that condition.

The Freaks are scared to perform Halloween Night due to the curse that comes from Mr. Mordrake’s name. No circus or freak show performs on Halloween. According to the superstition, Edward Mordrake comes and takes away someone from that show and keeps him forever. Most of the Freaks live in fear although the newcomers like Dot and Bette, played by Sarah Paulson, the Siamese sisters don’t. They decide to rehearse anyway, as well as Elsa Mars, played by Jessica Lange, who sings a beautiful rendition of Lana Del Rey’s “Gods and Monsters.” I will be buying that song on iTunes once it hits the store. Can you guess what happens next?
Another thing I love about American Horror Story is that there are always subplots in every episode. This episode brought Maggie Esmerelda; a fortune teller played by Emma Roberts. In the previous episode we were introduced to The Strong Man Dell, played by Michael Chiklis (The thing, from Fantastic Four), and the Three Breasted Hermaphrodite woman played by Angela Bassett all wanting to join Elsa’s freak show. Will they help make the show bigger and better? Or will their presence not make much of a difference? We all remember both Bassett and Roberts’ performance from the third season of American Horror Story: The Coven, but let’s see what Chiklis brings to the table. We see more of Dandy Mott’s, the spoiled man-child played by Finn Wittrock. It’s quite interesting to see how his story unfolds; it makes me want to love the actor but hate the role he’s playing since Dandy is such an arrogant little swine.

This was a two-part episode. We’ll have to wait to see what happens next Wednesday at 10PM Eastern on FX. Will Elsa’s show rise with fame or fall with failure? Will her performance cause the superstition to ruin her cast? Be careful what you wish for Elsa you just might get it.