1) First off, where are you from? Tell me a little about your life/family.

I am from Canada, born in Ottawa, Ontario. I am an only child [and] music has always been my biggest passion. Although music is my main interest, I also like baking cookies, cakes, brownies, etc. My favourite meal is pizza, and I love chocolate, especially obsessed with M&Ms. 
My parents are originally from Iran and came to Canada around 40 years ago. My mother has always enjoyed all kinds of music, but I think I got my musical interests from my dad. He used to have his band, and he always says that I am living his dream. I find myself very lucky that I have [such] a supportive family. 

2) What is your back story? How did you know that music was what you wanted most in life? Meaning, at what age did you go, ‘this is it, this is my passion.’

I was always into music. My parents tell me that I used to hum tunes before I could even talk. By the time I was 14, I knew this was what I wanted to do. 

3) How did you go about your band mates and knowing these were the people that were going to join you on your journey through music?

I am mainly a solo artist. I don’t have a permanent band, but I hire one if needed for a show. I am a solo artist, and I either write by myself or with another songwriter. I only use a band when needed for recording or for shows. 

4) Who are your influences? Could be both musically and personally. For musically, what are your favorite bands? Are they influential at all?

My influences are Green Day, Bon Jovi and Billy Idol. You can hear a lot of their influence in my music. 

5) How many instruments do you play and when did you start?

I first learned how to play the piano, and that was at the age of 10. Later on, a friend of my family told me something interesting. She told me that it would be hard to carry my piano around and I should learn another instrument. [Since] my cousin always played the guitar around me and I liked it, I decided to learn how to play it. I was 16 when I bought my blue Yamaha acoustic guitar, which I am still playing and enjoying it. 

6) You have a unique voice, was it hard for you to find what sound suited your voice?

Not really. I always knew what I wanted my style to sound like using the bands that have influenced me throughout my life.

7) Are your songs ever written about anyone/anything?

All my songs have a true story behind them. I love writing songs that people can relate to and that can help them as well. 

8) Do you ever get nervous before you go on stage?

I don’t get overly nervous, but I do think that being a bit nervous helps you do a better performance. Once I finish singing my first song, I start feeling more comfortable being on stage. 

9) Tell me a little about the new album.

June 2016, I released my new EP “Kiss Is a Killer” on iTunes, which I recorded in Nashville, Tennessee with Kent Wells. I co-wrote all my songs with really talented songwriters. The five tracks on my record are “Kiss Is a Killer,” “Stuck Up,” “Didn’t Last,” “Paradise Comes With a Price” and “Hurt.” I also released two acoustic videos for my songs “Paradise Comes With a Price” and “Hurt,” which you can watch on my YouTube channel (thefallah). My new EP “Kiss Is a Killer” is on iTunes. I don’t have it as a physical CD or on vinyl. It would be awesome to have my music on vinyl one day.

10) Has there ever been a time when you forgot a lyric on stage? If so, how did you handle it? Did you just hum along or act like nothing happened?

Oh yes, it has happened to me. When I forget a lyric, I just [kept] going like nothing happened. A teacher of mine gave me this advice that if I forget a lyric or mess up a guitar chord, I should keep going and not stop. 

You can listen to and have a chat with Sabrina on her website or her social media accounts: http://sabrinafallah.com