Who would have thought that 1990’s grunge music would mix well  with the polyrhythms of South Africa? We Are Ardent brings a twist to classic grunge using the usual guitar, drums, and bass, with the kalimba as well as the voices of both male and female. Brothers Justin (drums), and Josh (guitar) started this band when they tried mixing music by famous grunge band Nirvana with some local artists, over ten years ago in Ontario.

Though it wasn’t until many years later, did the band really start off when Josh began to date the female singer of the band Kat, whom he encouraged to explore her talents. In 2013, the band played their first show and completed their first EP “Ardent” though it wasn’t released until 2014, where their Canadian following as well as alternative radio stations, gave it a go. In 2014, they were nominated for the Niagara Music Awards for the categories of Best Rock and New Group, as well as Original Song.

Their newest EP entitled Bright Shadows from Dark Lights is released this November and was recorded in Toronto at Pawnshop Studios. They added Matt Dalton to the group as their bassist and found their unique sound that fits so well with each member’s great chemistry.