American Dreamer’s Sasha Klare-Ayvazian first became aware of folk and classical music when he heard his roommate play along to the cello to a few of his songs during his freshman year at Oberlin College in Cleveland, Ohio. Sasha attempted to create this sound in American Dreamer’s self-titled EP released in 2014. He continued to keep this sound until he went back to school to get his master’s degree where he made new friends that happened to be classically trained string players.

Now that the band was fully formed, they came together to create their live EP entitled “Winding Up A Dream,” that was released in 2015. They began performing across Central Texas and getting themselves a Global Music Award.

With the four of them and they fretless instruments, they realized the challenges of their sound, with nothing but writing for a full year, the band finally became aware of the sound that Sasha was envisioning for years come to life.

Earlier in 2016, the band entered Austin Signal Studios and with the help of Andrew Oedel, engineer, and producer, they recorded their first LP entitled “Restless Nights.” Titled in reference to the band name as with restless nights, you come closer to seeking the American dream.