Where to begin? This movie has been hyped up since last year. Trailers. Promotions. Action Figures. Posters. Nothing was leaked, the trailer itself, is action packed, however, was the movie as amazing as all the hype?

Seeing it opening night, viewers were super excited and anticipating the continuation of phase two of the Marvel extravaganza. This is where the movie lost some. All the over hype, the advertising, just summed down to a lot of plot holes and unanswered questions. Don’t get me wrong, for the fans of the series, it’s great. Action packed, tons of eye-candy, (both male and female), amazing effects, the camera angles, they were flawless!

imagesWhere it lost some viewers was…brace yourselves…nearly everything. Take the fact that at the end of Iron Man 3 Tony Stark takes out the light in the middle of his chest and blows up all of his iron man suits, more or less stating that he’s finished with the iron man itself. Yet right in the opening credits of the new Avengers film, there he is, just flying around with NO explanation as to what happened from the time Iron Man 3  took place to this one. Just that hey, he wants to be Iron Man as well as Tony Stark, the reasoning behind the villain in this film in the first place. In my opinion, not only did this feel like another Iron Man movie, (seeing as how he’s portrayed as the leader in both films and also pokes fun at the fact that he is the one who makes all the decisions yet it’s Captain America who’s really the leader), but there’s also another error/plot drop, when Tony finds the sceptre there’s the weird-alien-whale-looking-robot-thing hanging above him and he give NO reaction to it. Yet in Iron Man 3 he suffers from panic attacks from the horrific events in New York (the first avengers film). Don’t even get me started in the third Iron man move in the first place, that movie has problems left and right…but we won’t get into that right now.

Secondly, the movie starts in some place that resembles either Russia but it’s Eastern Europe. Yet, why they’re there (aside from the sceptre), how they found this place, when the hell did Tony decide to come back as Iron Man, how much time has lapsed from the first film to the new one, just isn’t clear. Just dropping the villain who created Quick Silver and Scarlet Witch was dropped like he didn’t matter. The introduction of Quick Silver and Scarlet Witch wasn’t at all as it was shown at the end of Captain America 2 either. At the end they were shown in a prison cell of some sort, yet when they were first introduced in the film, they were merely standing in a room of surveillance for the building they were in. What happened in between? Though, the redeeming factor is both of them were really great in the film, their powers were used perfectly, especially Quick Silver who needed to stop every now and then from ‘running’ around too quickly to catch a breath, which was realistic in a sense. Yet, having him die was not the smartest thing. Who cares if they already have another Quick Silver, they may be from the same universe but movie wise, they completely aren’t. That is to say, Tony could have created something like a sick oxygen mask to help him not get out of breath when he ran around. But to each their own. Another thing that was odd was not once in the film were they ever called Quick Silver or Scarlet Witch, they were merely called by their birth names. Also, her powers are very vague and unexplained. Does she make them see the future? The past? What could have been? What will be? WHAT ARE HER POWERS?! Furthermore, who are they and why did the experiments work on them and no one else? Are they mutants? Plot hole, after plot hole, after plot hole. It’s clear that this movie could have been turned into two separate films because there are a lot of loose ends and a lot of plot holes that could have been filled and explained through extended scenes instead of rushed and unexplained.

images (1)The second installment of films were hardly taken into consideration. Captain America 2, Iron Man 3, and Thor 2 were just tossed to the side, (however, there was a tiny mention of shield going bad from Cap. 2 in the film, but that’s about it). It’s as though Joss Whedon was just like screw all of you this is my movie my way, when he should tie in the other films including Guardians of the Galaxy seeing as how Whedon has such a hard-on for Thanos yet still hasn’t used him in either films but Thanos is constantly at the ending of each…in which the gauntlet that Thanos lifts is supposedly in Asguard yet how the heck did he get it? NO ONE KNOWS! Also, the next marvel movie will be out this summer yet, not once was it mention. Instead of having Thanos, again, at the end, Ant-Man could have been shown or at least mentioned.

Thor. So his scenes were alright, quirky, and not too cheese compared to Captain America (though it’s understandable that his scenes are supposed to be that way). However, after Scarlet Witch forces most of the Avengers to see visions (which are also a little confusing because some of them see the future while others see the past, and there’s no touching on them after we see them, they never discuss it amongst one another), Thor seeks out Eric Selving, with no explanation once again, and they randomly end up in this cave where Thor enters the water and lighting comes out of him, then the scene changes and it’s just dropped. What is this magical water hole?!

The Hulk and Black Widow are adorable together; it makes so much sense in so many weird ways. The really cool part is that they figured out a way for him to get out of being the Hulk and back into Bruce Banner. However, every scene with the Hulk in it has got to be the best scenes in the film. Especially the epic scene with Hulk and Iron Man fighting around a city.

ZZ1DA53BA9Vision was interesting, viewers loved that they finally used Paul Bettany in the movies instead of just his epic voice. Though some hated the fact that he was able to lift Thor’s Hammer, like no! The whole thing behind Thor’s Hammer is that whoever lifts it is the keeper of it. Yet, there vison goes lifting it like it’s plastic. It could have gone without that part because the party scene where everyone is celebrating, and trying to lift Thor’s Hammer, not only was it funny, it showed Captain America move it, and Thor has a little freak out spread on his face yet when Vision lifts it, nothing. There could be another scene missing where Thor and Vision had a conversation or something, but again, this should have been two movies.

Ultron could have been used a lot more in the film, they could have gone into more detail and expanded his ideas and views. Ultron seemed to just want to destroy earth in order to obtain world peace but he pretty much just kills everyone in sight to create this meteor of some sort and then Thor and Iron Man have to go and destroy it (in which Iron Man states they could die) yet after they save man-kind, it’s as though nothing happened.

All in all, the action in the movie was great, the effects were great. For those comic book lovers they understand my harsh critic, but for those who love the movies, it’s more-or-less perfect the way it is.