Hot on the heels of teens classics as Superbad, Not Another Teen Movie, Can’t Hardly Wait and countless other, Booksmart stands out amongst it’s demographic. Following the tale of two, you guessed it, “booksmart” seniors on their final day of school, best friends Amy (Kaitlyn Dever) and Molly (Beanie Feldstad) as they come to the harsh realization of having played it smart all through high school wasn’t a game changer for college recruitment. Crushed by the fact of knowing all the party animals of their school also made it into upscale colleges, the friends vow to have a final night before graduation to remember. And boy do they! This movie is a fun, quirky rollercoaster of awkward teen moments including out of control teen drinking, embarrassing first-time sex attempts, accidental drug taking, all the things you would expect from a typical teen movie. But this one’s different.

Produced by Will Ferrell and the directorial debut of Olivia Wilde, Booksmart will make you laugh out loud, cringe in horror, and leave you feeling on an emotional high and wanting to call your best friend. The script is chocked full of catchy one-liners, quick comebacks and real feelings that will have you reminiscing back to your own high school days and people you knew. In the age of technology also playing a big role, you get to experience the reality of being a teenage in these times. We’ve all had those awkward teen moments but imagine them taking place with Snapchat and Instagram thrown in the mix.

We also get a glimpse into some of the misunderstood teens. Why was that one girl so quiet but came across as bitchy? Why did the rich kids always have to go above and beyond to impress? Why were the drama crew always planning murder mystery dinners and assigning everyone such detailed characters? Completely light-hearted until you start to get the feels watching it, we are also treated to a few cameos by Lisa Kudrow, Will Forte and Mike O’Brien. Booksmart is an original take on a typical teen movie.

Go see Booksmart when it opens Memorial Day weekend. Mulala.