DC based singer-songwriter, Dan Lipton, has many influences out of Atlanta, Brooklyn, and Charlottesville both pickers and songwriters. He has lived  and played in those cities for over ten years before deciding to return to his hometown to continue his music there.

Dan’s music has an interesting sound and twist to it as it varies in different genres from Folk, Alternative-Country to Americana. Lipton’s music has hints of jazz chords with a Country-Western vibe to his vocals. In which allows Dan to stand out from the rest of the musicians out there. His last album Travelling On was recorded with his band from Dreaming Isabelle: Chris Doermann and Jon Thompson added together years of working together with various songwriting and recording from their years in Charlottesville and Atlanta. Due out February 19, Dan’s newest album Breathing In is quiet similar year different in many ways from his last album release. “Dark Water” itself has a sound that would be perfect for radio as it is not too generic that it sounds like everything else out there, but it is unique enough to stand out of the crowd as well it is similar to X-Ambasador’s “Unsteady”.

Look out for this unique singer and check out his website for future shows: