Takahiro Izutani is the guitarist from the 90s band “Happy Family”. In 1998 they released an album from United States Cuneiform Records and have been working on numerous domestic productions for various artists, composers, arrangers and remixers. In 2006, Izutani also had an electronic/breakbeat band called Dugo whose song “Dublin” was featured on the season three CSI: Miami TV series. However, their main music productions have taken a turn from television to mainly video games.

If you’re a huge video gamer you will love Dugo. Brave Wave Productions is contributing and supporting video game music composers in such a way that, when writing the songs, Izutani writes them his own way and then decides how the song will play into the video game.

CD: Lingua Franca

Release date: January. 27, 2017

Members/Instruments: Takahiro Izutani (acoustic guitar, programming )


1 Sunburst 05:40

2 The Sun and a Dusty Road 04:19

3 Gliding Bird 06:15

4 Sol Poniente 05:13

5 Momentum 04:38

6 Singularity 03:50

7 Two Sides 05:04

8 Boat on the River 04:07

9 Ruin 06:29