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Vienna, Austria’s Siren Call, pull inspiration from American legends, No Doubt and Nirvana, including a mixture and pizzazz of sultry vocalist/bassist Yvonne Lace. I spoke to Yvonne and guitarist Jason de Cordoba about their North American inspired style and the importance of rock embraced with feminine flair.

Here is our interview:

DH: How did you guys come up with the band’s name and how did you form Siren Call?

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YL: As for the band name, I’ve always been fascinated with the myth of sirens because they combine two of my favorite things: music and the sea. Sirens lure sailors with their enchanting voices and when it comes to art there is nothing more appealing than the dangerous, the unattainable and the enigmatic. I guess I wanted to give my band some of that flavor.

JC: I have no idea where Yvonne came up with ‘Siren Call,’ but I think it’s the most awesome band name. It’s the name of a band that I’d like to see and listen to. It really fits us well I think, a name that’s really a blast from back home in Southern California. We first met in a very random way. Yvonne pretty much jumped on a stage I had just performed on and made it hers. I was very impressed; in fact, I could hardly believe she wasn’t from California as she was covering Sublime songs in a manner so similar to Gwen Stefani.

DH: What are your musical influences?

YL: I am definitely a huge 90s rock fan and based this band on a mixture of Nirvana, Garbage and Hole. There is something about the raw emotion and authenticity of those bands that I love and aspire to emulate. Vocally, Gwen Stefani inspires me and I look up to her not only as an artist, but as a person.

JC: This band has very eclectic influences that one would not initially see any connection between. Right now as I write this I’m listening to Journey, and earlier I was playing along with Stevie Ray Vaughn on guitar.

photo from Dean Opper

DH: What can fans expect to hear from your singles “ Just a Man” and “ Comfort Zone”?

YL: “Just a Man” is a feel-good guitar-driven song. We pay homage to rock’n’roll with this song, both musically and lyrically. When I heard the opening riff, composed by Jason and Gabor, I immediately thought of my favorite movie “Almost Famous”. I felt compelled to write a song about the fans, espcially the girls behind the music. “Just a Man” goes out to all the Penny Lanes of the world. It’s interesting to explore this theme from a female perspective. “Comfort Zone” has a different sound; it’s not a straight-forward rock song like “Just a Man”. It reminds me of Garbage, because although it’s alternative rock, you can also dance to it. It’s a breath of fresh air between all the heavier punk and grunge we do. Lyrically, I challenge people to get outside their comfort zone and explore. Don’t be afraid to be different. You’ll never achieve anything meaningful if it doesn’t cause a little anxiety.

JC: They are totally different songs, coming from totally different places and we were very lucky with the collaborations on both of them. They spread from “Just a Man” tipping the hat to many Rock themes but also the AOR radio format music from the 70s, which I grew up on. Although the whole song is guitar, bass and drums, “Comfort Zone” is actually something that can be played by a DJ at an EDM venue.

DH: What is in the works for you guys in the near future?

YL: We have a lot of songs ready to record and we’re also working on filming music videos for “Just a Man” and “Comfort Zone”. I’m looking forward to reaching more and more people internationally and having the chance to play live for them. I would be thrilled to play in Canada, for example.

JC: There has been a lot of activity in the studio and preparing the setting for the reception of this effort.

With the mixture of the sultry voice of Yvonne Lace, and killer riffs from guitarist Jason De Cordoba, I predict Siren Call will one day play an enormous part in rock history. They deliver a refreshing style of music,that us die hard rock-and-roll fans have been waiting for, for a very long time – Debra Heather.