Born and bred in Nova Scotia, Canada, alternative rocker Sperry Alan releases a new LP in April entitled Before Our Time. Sperry was inspired by Pearl Jam, which is eminent on the LP itself, with a little spin to it for all the punk rockers who like someone leaving them in awe after listening. Sperry is not afraid to get down and dirty and put his heart and soul into his work, as well as put hints of his folk taste, as heard in his song “Made of Mistakes I Am” which shows how Sperry has created his own version of an autobiography. Sperry gets personal on the LP and creates his own way of telling the listeners how he went on a journey of choosing not to commit suicide while living in a world of hardship and being hopeful as well as letting the listeners the ability to create their own journey in this world. If you were to listen to the full album, it reads like a book of the story of a man going through a hard time though dealing with it in the right way possible.

The energy and creativity behind the band is Sperry himself, he writes and plays all of the music they represent and publish. Sperry’s band is a great listen and very easy for others to connect with emotionally as he creates his music in his own unique way rather that succumbing to society’s version of what music should be. Sperry joined the music scene in 2004 and has just climbed the latter since, he shared the stage on the East Coast of Canada with many large named bands as well as has been heard on the radio.

Many of Sperry’s songs are perfectly fit for television. The television show Haven features three songs of Sperry’s in their season three airings. These songs include: Rod’s One Minute Ride, Take My Hand, Sober Island, and Morning Bird.


You can download his LP here