Based in Toronto, Steve Benjamins has been compared to as “part James Blunt, part Patrick Watson, part Mutual Benefit, and fully unique,” says The New Lofi. Steve has a, “massive, massive voice that wil leave you stunned,” says Fecking Deadly, Repeat Button says that Steve, “should be heard [by anyone looking] to listen to someone not yet discovered.” Steve is one local Canadian that has such a unique voice and sound it’s hard not to look out for him.

Steve has released his third EP in May in just under two years. His music is unique and has its own brand of style, downtempo indie pop. Steve not only sings all of his songs on the Eps, but he also plays every instrument from piano to drums, synths, bass and guitar; along with being the only one who writes all of the songs on the EPs. Although he does get help producing them from Brian Chan.

Steve’s new EP entitled, “Sightlines,” has the indie genre second guessing their title. Steve’s sound is far from indie and has its own genre of uniqueness that can and should be heard on radio stations across the country. Steve’s first EP was critically acclaimed and was entitled, “Somewhere, Somehow,” and has really set off his sound, as well as watching him grow into the person he is today. His new first single on the EP called “We Used to Live Here,” can be heard here: