Plastic Yellow Band was created and based on John Lennon‘s Plastic Ono Band by Gerry Jennings, who is not only the producer, but the songwriter and lead singer as well. The center of the group is Gerry who sings, writers, plays both the guitar and keyboards, Joe Hurt who plays the bass, and Karl Derrick Tesch plays the drums. This isn’t Gerry’s first rodeo, he has a history of being a singer-songwriter as he has performed on his own at many venues, one being in Nashville at the Bluebird Cafe. Although, in 2011, Gerry sold the business that he created and decided to spend his time focused on ISI Studios as a producer.

Plastic Yellow Band plays a wide range of different sounds from new age to classic, with their own spin in between. The band shows off how talented Gerry is on his own from composition to production alone. This also reflects the solo days that Gerry had as some songs are solely acoustic guitar and vocals while others have a more rock and roll influence to them. Although they  have a similar sound to Pink Floyd and John Lennon, they bring their own twist to that genre of music with unique lyricism and production alone.