Lazybirds are a classic American sounding band from North Carolina. Their style is very retro and down to earth, gathering up the old sounding roots of classic American music with harmonies and chops that carry the traditional sounds for years to come.

482995_407430069322316_1435618052_nThe four Lazybirds began in 1996 and channeled the old sounds and styles of country, jazz, blues, and ragtime that have been the American underground music for years prior. They started their reputation in the High Country by playing their music that touches the hearts and ears of many people and brings them back to a time when music touched your soul and was mixed with not only feelings, but nature as well.

They have  played many venues and festivals across the Southeast and have shared the stage with their friends The Old Crow Medicine ShowDoc WatsonThe Avett Brothers, and Merle Sanders. It was only recently that the band began to include their own original songs into their string of songs and covers of Bob Dylan. Their new album Time Machine has some of their original recorded songs with Mitch Johnson on standup bass and vocals, James T. Browne on drums and vocals, Alfred Michels on fiddle and guitar, and Jay Brown on guitar, harmonica and vocals.

Look out for their original sounds on their newest album Time Machine.