After a fun drinking visit with his brother in California, a bet was made to make their dreams come true within a year. No less then a month later, his brother quit his job and began working in Hollywood starting out with a short film.

With his own original material, Jay put a few videos on Facebook and was flabbergasted by the positive feedback was received. After twenty videos completed, he got a little band together and taught them his material, although, sadly, it did not work out the way he wanted and decided to head off to Nashville and hire the best session musicians to help him record his record. In turn, it became the five song EP “Never Too Late”.

Jay then went and recorded five more songs at Beaird Music Studio in early 2017 in Nashville. He then re-recorded his demos, mixed and mastered them to soon be released on the LP “Cocked and Loaded”.

He is currently working on putting a band together to be able to go on tour to help support and get more listeners for the LP for this summer and fall at small venues and festivals.