Raised on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, singer-songwriter John Nichols had country music in his blood at an early age. When he was 15 he picked up a bass guitar and never looked back. Nichols began as a session player in Baltimore and has often been called on to open for acts like Better Than Ezra and The Violent Femmes, while they are touring in the area. Most of his free time is dedicated to teaching at a music, school in Baltimore.

At this music school is where he met his bandmates Brad Kimes (drums) and Matthew Chase (guitar). Chase knew a good thing when he first heard Nichols’ sound and had a feeling that he would eventually work with Nichols’ as Chase has opened for big acts such as Aerosmith, KISS, Santana, and CSN. Not long after the two of them were joined by drummer Kimes.
It wasn’t long before the trio recorded their first self-titled EP, blending their love of country & rock with elements of bluegrass, folk & outlaw country.At the beginning of 2016, the band entered the studio to record Country Life at Airshow Studios in Tacoma Park, MD, with Grammy Nominated Producer and Engineer Randy LeRoy.