The past 30 years D.G. Adams spent his time as a classically trained actor and a Shakespearean teacher, so it came to no surprise that his debut album “Feminine Endings” is a Shakespearean reference. Adams is known as Donald Adams in the acting world and can be seen in television and films. Since fifteen, Adams has been writing music in secret, sharing his work wit a few friends. IN the year 2000, while at a Shakespearean festival in Vancouver, he met Torquil Campbell from Montreal band “Stars.” This is where Campbell complimented Adams with his music and Adams took it as an encouragement to move forward and continue to write.

In 2011, Adams recorded “Feminine Endings” in which he describes it as folk-rock, about longing, love, enlightenment, and love; rooted from his musical icons Joni Mitchell and Neil Young, with echoes of Leonard Cohen and Lou Reed.

Adams still appears in films and television, which includes the 2017’s Power Rangers, The Betrayed, and much more. He occasionally directs and acts in theatre, but his main passion now, is music, and he doesn’t know how he’ll live without it.

In 2014, Adams released his second album “Vajra”, and his continued appearances on the Vancouver music scene made him somewhat of a local musical hero. In November 2016, Adams goes to the Toronto recording studio “The Old Heart” which is produced by Campbell. The future looks great from Adams.