Direct Divide is a band that is redefining today’s music scene, with a similar sound to a variety of artists like Muse, 30 Seconds to Mars and Florence and the Machine, Direct Divide has applied their inspiration of these bands and created their own version of alternative and symphonic rock music by honing in on their brilliant musical skills, proving that rock and roll is alive. The band was formed in Seattle, and have since relocated to Monterey, CA. Direct Divide consists of an electric violinist powerhouse and vocalist, Razz (strings/vocals), multi-instrumentalist Kevin Proctor (Guitar/synth/keyboards, and extremely talented, Valdemar Huguet on drums.

They toured relentlessly in 2014, finishing the year off with a completed album, a single release and two West Coast tours, as well as a long national tour. So far, this year the band’s written and composed their new EP, “Own Your Ocean” and finished a Kickstarter campaign and raised over $7000 to help with the production of the EP.

You can check out Direct Divide’s upcoming EP here