Twenty-two years in the future comes Jurassic World, however, does it merit its original 1993’s Jurassic Park? After the horrifying events of Jurassic Park, the island called Isla Nublar is now known as Jurassic World and has a numerous amount of dinosaur rides and exhibits that features all kinds of dinosaurs as originally thought up by John Hammond. Since the park’s visitors have been decreasing, scientists thought up a new dinosaur, in which they crafted themselves, in order to make the park more unique and attractive.

Firstly, the start was kind of slow. It seemed as though they were trying to be bigger and better than the original 1993’s version with gadgets and a futuristic looking park as well as the dinosaurs themselves. There was a lot of CG in this film instead of the use of puppets like the original, which did them justice, however, this film must be seen in “Ultra AVX 3D” in order to fully experience what the director Colin Trevorrow envisioned. The dinosaurs were very well crafted and unique; meaning every one dinosaur seen was different from the next. Once the film gets going and the introduction of the park as well as the characters are wrapped up, is when the film actually begins. Not to say that it was a good start for those who have never seen nor heard of Jurassic Park, but the movie really begins once you see Chris Pratt’s character Owen training, teaching, and interacting with raptors, in which he imprinted on and raised from when they first hatched. The scenes with Owen and the raptors have to be one of the more interesting factors of the film, because it has never been touched on before. Not to give any spoilers away, but Owen’s training of the raptors as well as being viewed as their alpha, takes a very important role towards the ending of the film.

** Spoilers **
The one thing that was upsetting is the new dinosaur, Indominus Rex, they crafted in the lab for the park. Nothing wrong with the features of the dinosaur or how it looks neither, because the dinosaur its self is unstoppable. Though they never really say what exactly she’s made of. They say that she has t-rex and we later find out some other dinosaur DNA, one being raptor, as well, yet with all her strength and ability to overpower almost every dinosaur in the park, the spoiler here is that we only see creatures in tanks at a lap without any explanation on how it was created. Of course, Owen called it out from the get go that a dinosaur kept in captivity with no human interaction will eventually lash out, and that’s what it did. Then ending proved that not even the original t-rex from the 1993’s Jurassic Park can take it down. The park, of course, is destroyed once the t-rex comes to attack the Indominus Rex; however, it seemed as though the t-rex herself was also trained, or was just fazed by humans after being around them all these years. This is where the training of the raptors really comes to play as well as the aquatic dinosaur, in which is the first dinosaur seen in the trailers, Mosasaurs, comes to save the day. Yet that one is rarely used and would have been interesting if it was.

There were a few scenes when the paid homage to Jurassic Park especially when the two main kids, Zach (Nick Robinson) and Gray (Ty Simpkins), who are trying to escape Indominus Rex as well as the pterodactyls, in which they did not have feathers yet and that showed how much the dinosaurs were crafted. Zach and Gray find an abandoned building and when they walk in there were items around the area that, some of which are picked up and, if you remember the original film, will be pleasantly pleased by it. Especially when the t-rex comes out and fights the Indominus Rex as well as the slight hint to Jeff Goldblum on a book in the control room.

The film itself was very well filmed, the camera angles were great, and however, the leading lady Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) was not the greatest choice. She and Chris Pratt did not have chemistry and did play too well off of one another, but that’s not that much of an annoying factor in the film. Although, it was interesting to see him play a serious role for once, it was not as great as it would seem to be. His comedic acting is great, serious; on the other hand, still needs some work as it can be somewhat robotic and not realistic. Especially the cheesiness of his attempts to have an on-screen roman with Howard that just did not work because they did not mesh. Pratt should stick with green aliens as his on screen lovers.

All in all though, the film itself is great and very enjoyable for those dinosaur and action lovers. The ending itself, remains inconclusive as to whether the Indominus Rex is dead or not, perhaps a sequel to help solve the unanswered questions.