Rimi was the daughter of immigrants who became bureaucrats of Washington, and because of this, Rimi grew up learning at an Indian Language School in which Rimi’s father had founded in Washington where she learned Indian music and dance, while the other side to her learning of music resided with the American culture of hip-hop, pop, R&B, as she had friends of many different cultures from white to Asian to black. However, this is was not a bad point, the great thing about being open to so many different cultures if that Rimi brings everything she’s learned and grew up with into her music today really shining on the cultures she was raised in and her identity as an artist.

Ex-medical student Rimi Basu, never thought medicine was cut out for her, although creating music was her love. She is an Indian-American pop singer who ran away to India to become a musician. Since dropping out from medical school, she has created music, released two albums, performed as well as toured the world. She was trained from a young age in classical India music and dance, which includes belly dancing. Rimi incorporates her heritage of belly dancing/Indian dance as well as the classical Indian music into her pop music, giving it a unique sound, which is a strong selling point. What helps is that Rimi has a strong emotional attachment to this type of culture as she was raised with it as a child and has a deep love for it. As she was in India, she trained with many infamous musicians and pundits (which solely means a teacher), one of which included Ajoy Chakrobarty at his school in Calcutta (Kolkata), India.

She produced two albums, both in India, in 2006 she released The Unveiling and in 2009 she leased Crossing Over in which they both received high demand and acclaim in India. One of her songs “Maahiya” that became a hit topped the Indian Charts for the pop category and for the bestseller status. She then went off on tour across the world playing at large as well as small venues to help get her name heard.

Rimi came back to the United States to Los Angeles in hopes of spreading her unique style of Indian pop music and dance called Kriya. Her main goal is for others to just appreciate Indian music and culture as much as she does as she brings her sound into the styles of music today. Her music goes from being in English to Hindi, though they are still largely loved and desired by people everywhere. She can be known as the United States’ first Bollywood pop-diva.

Listen to the album The Unveiling here