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Ever thought about up and leaving the country and travelling to another country to explore new and unseen territories? Well, Felix Starck (German online business owner) and Selima Taibi (singer/songwriter) did just that. The free spirit couple ended their lease, packed all their belongings with no place to go. Then decided to fly with their dog to North Carolina to purchase a school bus. They refurbished the school bus, adding a bathroom, a bedroom, and a living room; and set forth to Canada where they traveled across the country stopping in various areas to sight see, swim in lake, and discover the beautiful country’s wildlife.

Their journey is breath taking and makes you truly take your country for granted. They hit a couple of hiccups along the way with their dog’s health and with the United States boarder giving them a hard time to just travel from the Vancouver boarder to Mexico.  Once they arrive in Mexico, the whole documentary dynamic of the beautiful scenery changes as Mexico doesn’t have the vast land or mountain views or lakes to swim in. Of course they came to come bus hiccups as well, but those were not explored too much in the film.

Their dog Rudi succame to more health issues and unfortunately, had to end their travels early and could not make it to Panama. They truly embarked on a journey that brought them closer together and broadened their knowledge of the world around them in ways none of us can ever imagine.

Expedition Happiness is truly a feel good documentary movie that will encourage Canadians to get out there and explore their own country rather than jump on a plane and explore another’s.

You can watch the full movie on Netflix in English and enjoy the beautiful shots and camera angles from the two free spirited couple.

And give Selima a listen as every album she writes was inspired by their travels, including Expedition Happiness.