Jack the Radio is an independent band from North Carolina with a rock and roll edge, and a bluesy twist, mixed with a southern sound. Near the end of 2015, they have released their first studio album in almost three years. “Badlands,” the titled album, has twelve songs on it and is looked at as a musical journey with two acts that is inspired by science fiction “Spaghetti Western” themes. The album features guest vocalist Elizabeth Hopkins as a courtesy of Warner Bros. Records as well as BJ Barham. The album has a limited 12-inch vinyl release, which makes their bluesy/rock and roll sound even more unique and rustic.  Their sound mends with the classic singers of the seventies and eighties, but bringing a more modern twist to the sound while still keeping it in a classic way.
10401882_940000099400729_8891447884378835881_nThey’ve worked their way up the ladder of “Triangle Bands” laying down some of the biggest stages as well as playing with some of the biggest acts such as George Thorogood at Memorial Auditorium, Hall & Oates at Walnut Creek Amphitheatre, and the Cold War Kids at Red Hat Amphitheatre.

“Ain’t So Bad” has a very psychedelic feel to it bringing flashes of Jimi Hendrix on guitar with a feel of Janis Joplin on vocals.