Get Out written and directed by Jordan Peele, is about an African-American named Chris Washington (Daniel Kaluuya) and his white girlfriend Rose Ermitage (Allison Williams) going to visit her family for the weekend when things take a turn. Chris begins to notice odd things happening with the overly friendly parents and their black servants as well as the continuous fact that they constantly point out that he’s black. This is where the movie begins to get intense and draws the viewer in.

Get Out is an enjoyable movie to watch which fits well in the horror genre while intelligently entrapping its audience into laughing heartily at what is really the sad state of contemporary racial politics.

Writer-director Jordan Peele’s sketches joke around with highlighting and inverting racial stereotypes, at once providing viral sensations and casting a light on the racism still inherent in all of us – because you could argue that if you get the joke, you have somewhere along the way subscribed to the thinking.

Get Out is Peele’s feature directing debut and indisputably marks him out as a talented, incisive social commentator from whom we’ll want to see much more. Definitely a must see!