Tomás Doncker has the perfect rough-edgy-blues sound going for him, with great guitar work and upbeat songs. Doncker is a singer and songwriter, as well as producer. He uses many influences from the Caribbean and Africa to help make his sound more unique that the rest. In 2010, he performed in China for the first time in front of an audience of over 100,000 people at the Shanghai Folk Festival. Since then, he has collaborated with Grammy Award winning producer and bassist Bill Laswell, with his project entitled, “Power Of The Trinity,” that had been shown on CNN in 2012, November 27 to be exact on Jimi Hendrix’ birthday.

Doncker’s album was released July of 2014, after being edited and picked at from the summer of 2013 in New York City, the album itself, titled: “Moanin’ At Midnight: The Howlin’ Wolf Project,” set out to be a multimedia performance concert in which Doncker hoped it would become.

However, Doncker’s newest album release was a collaboration with poet Yusef Komuyakaa. This album was released in October of 2014 by True Groove Records and is entitled, “Big Apple Blues.” This was intended to be a follow up from his first album, and was announced/introduced at the Dodge Poetry Festival a couple of days after the initial album release.

Most of the songs on the album have a very upbeat, blues, jazz vibe which makes for great outdoor festivals. Every song’s opening is different from the last and does not blend together at all, which shows that he put effort in making his sound, not only unique in itself, but making each individual song stand out from the last. The guitar riffs are crazy and sound perfect with his voice.

If you’re into ‘new aged’ bluesy-jazz, this is the guy for you. You can listen to the album here: