Born and raised in Brooklyn from an Irish-Italian descent, one of seven siblings, Christina Rubino discovered she loved music in her teenage years and began writing music at the age of seventeen and started playing the guitar as well as joining groups to help with her music skills as a vocalist and guitarist. In 2008, she joined the all-female Depeche Mode cover band called “Violator” as the guitarist. She realized how much she loved to travel and perform live for people but felt like she was missing something; that something was writing and performing her own music. In 2009, this is where the transition occurred from “Violator” to “Josephine”, the all-female trio where Rubino was lead vocals and guitar, whom she wrote with drummer Tracy Tompkins and bassist Leigh Regan where they released their EP with “Feed That Baby Records.”

In January of 2014, she released a full-length album. The album entitled “Alive From The Scraphead,” is very powerful and harmonious. When listening to the album, a story is told of a gifted artist who becomes lost along the way trying to find who she is, yet only finds herself, when she becomes lost. Rubin’s voice is beautiful and goes amazingly well with the harmonicas and harmonies; the raw emotion is brought further with the strums of an acoustic guitar.

A new feel to a classic genre, with the release of her new album “Godspeed and Guns” released January 2017, Rubino brings a soulful sound with some alternative edge. Even though the songs sound different from one another, there is still this unison between them, like a glue that holds everything together. Though to truly understand everything, the songs have to be heard all together, they go from piano ballads to indie folk, yet when heard as one, help with the understanding of the story Rubino is trying to tell.