Metal heads and grunge rockers alike will get their dose of heavy and dirty riffs in the He Is Legend’s new album Heavy Fruit, which was released 19th August 2014.

The group of four from North Carolina released their fourth album after a five-year break from music writing. Signed with Tragic Hero Records, Schuylar Croom, Adam Tanbouz, Matt Williams, and Sam Huff come together to give the heavy, sludge, Metallica influenced sound once again.

photo from facebook

The opening track, “No Visitors” begins with screeching guitars and a heavy double kicking drum, with enough junk sound to make any “metalphobic” person want to scream. Then enters the melodic and catchy chorus which alludes to the illusions and tricks associated with religion. This is then abruptly interrupted by switching into a kickass riff and screaming rant by Croom:

It’s the greatest illusions I’ve seen in my life

the greatest illusions I’ve seen in my life

delusions illuminated in the night

now how can you hide the light?

The song builds itself and then releases again as it moves through the chorus and verses, to end off the starting track with a bang, and killer intro to the album.

Going through the album, there are tracks that are hit-or-miss, but they also take notable influences from other metal/grunge bands. In “Miserable Company”, the track opens with a fat bass and guitar riffs that could be pulled from Alice and Chains. As the song progresses, you can hear influences of System of a Down, not only in the bass and guitar, but also in how Croon sings. These influences definitely give the songs more credibility in their sound.

The track “I Sleep Just Fine” gets repetitive and irritating at the end (maybe the fact I wanted to punch something by the end of the song was what the group was going for), but I ccouldn’thelp but pick up on the subtle take on Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”. The remainder of the album gives fans a couple of metal ballads like “Beethozart” and “Time to Stain”, while they’re also treated to the more lame and cheesy heavy tunes like “Spout Mouth” and “Abracadabra”.

Admittedly, I thought I was in for 13 songs worth or irritating junk noise, but instead I was treated to some badass guitar riffs and killer lyrics. For anyone who is looking for an album to crank up, while being okay with a bit of cheese, definitely give Heavy Fruit a go. I don’t think these guys will disappoint.