After five episodes including the pilot, we learn a few life lessons from this show created by Peter Nowalk.

  1. Becoming a lawyer is an incredibly competitive job.
  2. Never trust anybody, not even your spouse.
  3. In order to get what you want, sometimes you have to go out of your comfort zone and do extremes.
  4. Do not judge a book by its cover. No matter how normal someone may seem, everybody carries a dirty little secret.
  5. Police aren’t always to be trusted.

So for those that may be questioning themselves about the person they are dating, feeling guilty for accusing someone or contemplating becoming a lawyer, don’t let me influence your choice.

So far in the series we find out important things that keep leading us closer to the murderer of Lila Stangard, the main case surrounding this show. After the first episode of How To Get Away With Murder, there is another dead body we discover: Sam Keating, the husband of Annalise Keating played by Viola Davis. As each week passes by, we know that those responsible for the murder of Sam Keating are the law students chosen by Annalise to accompany her in the courtroom although our dying question is why.

We learn in episode 5 “We’re Not Friends” that Sam was having an affair with Lisa throughout the summer. Apparently she was crazy about him but it was all lust to Sam. We also learn that Sam and Annalise’s relationship begun through an affair, when Annalise shouts at him these words that make me hate Sam even more.
“That’s how you like your mistresses, huh? Weak, broken messes that you just clean up.”

Okay… so maybe Annalise was caught cheating on Sam in the pilot episode but at least Annalise is trying to become a better person. In the previous episode, we discover that Annalise may be sick. She has fake eyebrows and eyelashes, and it is obvious she was once bald. Cancer perhaps? Could that be a reason Sam was cheating on her?
In this week’s episode, a minor case is about a 17-year-old boy named Ryan, who shot his dad in the back after witnessing several years of domestic abuse towards his mother. The catch? His dad was a police officer. Annalise and her students aren’t only fighting against the other lawyer, but they are fighting against the police as well. This time, instead of using evidence and facts to win this case, she teaches her students to use the jurors as their weapon to win. They are each assigned one or two jurors to look after. It’s an interesting case because all the police who are questions say that the dad would never hurt a fly but then Ryan’s teacher and mother admit the abuse. It kind of makes I won’t give too many details into the case though.

Apart from Ryan’s case, Rebecca, one of the suspects of murdering Lila Stangard is brought to Annalise’s house to get a psych evaluation by Sam. Annalise wants to see if Rebecca recognizes Sam’s face by any way because there was a picture of Sam’s penis on Lila’s phone, which was in possession of Rebecca after Lila’s death. She doesn’t recognize Sam at all by his face, but it’s obvious that she becomes suspicious based on the questions he asks her. Afterwards, she asks to go to the bathroom and leaves the house with Wes, played by Alfred Enoch.
At the end of the episode, Wes is caught sneaking into Annalise’s bedroom due to the advice Rebecca leaves him before she departs town. That is where he discovers that Sam was the one sleeping with Lila.

Where does that leave Wes and Annalise? Can he trust his teacher after catching her cheat on her husband? After him realizing her husband was cheating on her as well? Find out every Thursday at 10:00 PM Eastern on CTV.