Although, September is the time to take a stroll in the park as the leaves change colors, some were at home popping popcorn ready to sit down and watch the premier of How To Get Away With Murder, starring Viola Davis. Created by Peter Nowalk, one of the writers for the hit medical TV show Grey’s Anatomy, this time he takes a different turn. Instead of writing about how to save lives, he’s now focusing on how to avoid getting caught if you take a life.

Viola Davis stars as Annalise Keating, a professor teaching law at an extremely prestigious university in Philadelphia. Instead of having a rather general name to her class like Law 101 or something along the lines, her class is called “How To Get Away With Murder.” Completely opposite of how she is in real life, she portrays a character who can be seen as highly boastful and quite intimidating. Other faces we might be familiar with are Matt McGorry, sweetheart police officer from Orange Is The New Black, who is now playing an over confident, condescending and pretentious law student. Some might remember Alfred Enoch, who played as Dean Thomas in Harry Potter, now portraying Wes Gibbins, the wait listed student who got in the day before class started and struggles to fit in with the other law students. You certainly did grow up Alfred, from Harry Potter; your American accent didn’t phase me though. I still remember your true colors.

Like every TV show that involves some sort of educational facility, we have the main character who everybody wants to like, but there is always some mystery to them played by Enoch. Jack Falahee, the promiscuous heartthrob, using techniques of seduction to get ahead. We have Aja Naomi King, who is highly ambitious and sees her teacher as her role model, aka a suck up. McGorry plays the cocky rich kid who likes to brag about his reputation and Karla Souza, who plays the smart pants, but is sometimes afraid to speak. Of course to control that mess we have Davis, who always challenges them to strive for success and reward them with a trophy.

The beginning may confuse some as this show goes back and forth, from the present to the future. Sometimes we might even think we saw the same scene, but it all adds up in the end. I’m no law student myself, but this show is certainly teaching me how to observe everything closely of what’s going on… The series start off by showing the students freaking out over something they did; we can all assume what it is of course… Throughout the season, each episode contains a specific case that Professor Keating is assigned to, and she uses those students to help her solve it. Her methods are unorthodox compared to regular teaching as she brings them out to show how it all actually goes on. Apart from the specific case, each episode also hints about what happened with the main plot of the story, a murder of a girl whose body was found.

Although, this show mainly focuses on the law and how potential lawyers use their methods to find out information, there is also a lot of scandal going on. Whether it’s affairs or drugs these types of things truly make us question how much do we really know the person beside us. Whether you have a background in the legal system or not, if you’re looking for a show that leaves cliffhangers and allows you to attempt to solve it before they do, I recommend it. Maybe after this season we’ll all know how to get away with murder.