With a P.H.D. in Clinical Psychology and a practice in New York City, April Martin only began writing her own music later in life even though she remembers inventing the songs for some time now. In 2010, she released her first album “Pennies In A Jar” which had gotten her over 10, 000 fans worldwide via internet radio. With her new album, “In The Blink Of A Life”, she has a different take and explores humanity with humour, passion, tenderness to the extent of a greater reflection on maturity.

April remembers as a child she was able to go to the corner store in the 1950s to get song sheets from the latest new song on the radio, her father, who has a natural tenor voice, would always give her a nickel every week and they would learn the songs together, which drove her to the love of music. In school, April would hum the tune to the songs, which would drive her teachers crazy. Even though her musical tastes had widened and broadened, April is still drawn to the simplicity of those songs and how they made her laugh or cry or made her mind wonder about different things in the world.

Yet, April only started to write music many years later as she began a family and dove her life into psychology; and to her surprise, she found herself humming to tunes she has never heard before or, for that matter, lyrics that ever existed. She began to write them down and eventually created something of them. With every song that is written, she gets her inspiration from the love her children teach her, the people who trust her with their vulnerabilities, and to her father who had sung those songs to her and brought her into the world of music.