A trio of folk rock from San Diego, California are known for their energetic arrangements and amazing story telling through their lyrics. They may have been compared to a few bands, one being Wilco, but their style remains unique and all their own. The group comes from all over the United States and usually performs as a trio pulling in their backgrounds and forming the group’s sound today, though there are times when they bring friends and family as guests to help enhance their sound. However, the frontman Drew Thams is known to perform solo at times when trying out new material.

They have performed with many interesting people in many well-known places. Some being The Marshall Tucker Band, John C. Reilly, Mike Pope, and places being Los Angeles’ House Of Blues, and a few festivals along the west coast.

Though their music is not for all listeners, this trio has a way of pulling in even the people who do not like this genre, having them connect with the music in ways other music cannot.

Their new record, This Book Belongs To has six tracks on it of music that has been created and transformed into something so engaging; it could pull any listener in and truly connect with the music. They have this passion not only in the music but behind it in a way that their genre of modern folk hasn’t had before. Like the intricate emotion behind certain tracks, one being “Thief” and how soft the song is and how easy it is to listen to. Very similar to Of Monsters and Men.

The Liquorsmiths have started to wrap up a few of their tours on the west coast as well as some festivals here and there. They have such a raw magnetism to their sound with deep emotion and great songwriting that, once listened to, will promise to envelop any listener and truly have them connect to the music.
Fan of Indie folk? Listen to them here and be the judge of the crisp sound that The Liquorsmiths bring to the table.