Jaicee Rentz is a teenage singer-songwriter from California.  The sunny city of San Clemente has given her an incredible impression of aspects flowing around her. The ocean, nature, space around her are what inspire the rustic sounds she has including the inspiration of Carly Rae Jepsen and The Lumineers.  Jaicee’s debut album Colors truly shows her talents of vocals; how warm and mature her voice is as it mixes with the banjo, guitar, and keys, as they were being recorded at Roshambo Sound. Jaicee admits she wants to be different and have her unique sound heard as opposed to sounding like everyone else in her age bracket on the Billboard charts.

She hopes her storytelling persona will attract many more people as many are not used to the indie sound.

“Mainly, I write about living in the moment, since regret has always been a big teacher for me” she reflects, revealing an awareness beyond her years. “I regret a lot of things I didn’t do and there’s a lot of people whom I never had the chance to tell I love them.”

“Colors” is the title-track to her EP which drops on June 22nd