January Zero presents the songs of Gareth Phillips who began his recording and writing of music in college and went on to pursue through the MFA program at George Mason University, where he completed his degree. He then went on to produce a few demos during his period of in-depth discovery. Some of the demos eventually become The Long Radio Silence. His influences developed as the music genre did as well, with inspirations by T.S.Elliot, David Lynch, and Guy DeBord.

The Long Radio Silence was recorded at The Cellar, which is Gareth’s own home studio. The soft and flowing melodies mix together so perfectly with rice harmonies and weird, yet different and unique synth voices. Backseat Productions is where, Jim Roll from Ann Arbor, Michigan, edited and mixed all the songs. Dan Piccolo, NOMO percussionist, also added his skills to the project. In 2014, The Long Radio Silence was released with stories of loss and discovery. In 2018, January Zero is set to release its second LP.