11911393_1041894239155025_9135624049779894835_nJason Rylan’s music career started way before he was even born, his parents were musicians and they would jam in the garage when Rylan was a baby and it just began a natural environment for him. This Las Vegas based musician puts out his newest album The Charm and even though it is more of a avant-garde pop mixed with dance floor, there is more of a story and a positive side to the album. He proves that one can go beyond their own insecurities and lead a life of happiness in a carefree world. His sound is very outspoken and perfect for a laid back dance party or house party.
Jason states: “Music is the soundtrack of the world. It can inspire healing, mood, action and is tremendously important as a spiritual outlet.”

Rylan isn’t afraid to gamble with his sound and his music in Las Vegas and with the positive vibe and message behind his music, he is sure to win big. Rylan looks to a higher power for his inspiration and could never be happier as long as there is music in the world and a mic in his hand.