Delilah is an amazing jazz vocalist with similarities to the timeless greats, such as, Nancy Wilson and Natalie Cole. Though now residing in Toronto Canada, Delilah was born in Budapest, Hungary. From an early age, Delilah has been performing with the help and inspiration from her parents in which she has received her gift. At the early age of ten years old, Delilah was already performing with her family in a twenty-person group, which toured Hungary with other performers, such as, Bongo Margrit, throughout Europe. AT sixteen, she was performing with her brother Paul Lakatos, (guitar virtuoso), and violinist Sonny Walker, another legend. They all would get together and play with her family at their home. However, politics took over the beauty of music. To escape the tension and politics, Delilah and her family moved to Toronto, Canada in 1998. By the age of nineteen, she earned a reputation in Toronto as a professional songstress and has not stopped to spread her love of music.

Delilah’s new record came out in early January of this year, entitled, Sarah +1: A Tribute to Sarah Vaughan, under Groove United Records. This album has covers of Delilah’s favorite legendary jazz singers, Sarah Vaughan. The entire album is dedicated to her and features a song written by Charlie Chaplin entitled, “Smile,” in which Chaplin composed the instrumental part of the song in 1936 for his film “Modern Times,” while John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons in 1954, are the ones who added the lyrics. The lyrics themselves are based on certain lines and the theme of the film, stating that everything is going to be all right as long as you smile. This song resonated with Delilah because she always has a positive attitude within her music as well on a day to day basis. The songs itself, was not only performed by Delilah, but also by Diana Ross, a duet with Barbra Streisand and Tony Bennett, and Nat King Cole.

You can listen to her album here