John Helix resides in San Diego as a singer-songwriter. Helix does all the vocals on all of his songs as well as many of the instruments, such as, guitar, synths, and bass, although, piano is his primary instrument of use. Helix describes his music as more of a bittersweet side to the slow romantic music, more as a reflective sound that gives great nostalgia.

In 2014, Helix released I Fell in Love With A Memory and just a year later released another album entitled Chronic Happiness, in which translates to a lot of modern taste as it is described as being what everyone succumbs to on a daily basis with social media, consumerism, etc. He has a very interesting and unique tone that is far from this era, as it has the hints and tones of music in the early ’70s. Helix’s main influence is Elliot Smith in which he is another artist like Helix, who is able to create emotional pain through his gift of music. Helix looks at the darker things in life and turns them into the something more on the brighter side of life.

Look out for John Helix’s newest album entitled “Tune in, Turn Off” to be released on March 4th.