The young Kylie Odetta is a rising singer/songwriter as she takes the pop world with a bang with her unique old sounding voice. Kylie’s voice is unique in its own way as she channels her Southern roots through her refreshing voice, which brings the audience through an emotional roller-coaster as she has written over 200 songs of her own. She has various hints of soul in her voice, mixed with jazz undertones, and pop throughout. As a teenager, it’s any girl’s dream to take the stage in front of thousands of people opening for Gavin Degraw, Mat Kearney, Kelly Pickler, Colbie Callait, and Austin Mahone; and for Kylie, it’s a check in her book, as well as doing hundreds of other solo shows.

Everything that inspires Kylie happen in everyday life, from the people she meets, to the emotions she feels, the life she lives trying to get her music spread out throughout the world. She want’s to create music for herself and for the people around her as a means of expressing her emotions that move people in everyday life, that inspire people as well.

So far, Kylie has released songs for the world to hear, but on February 12th, Kylie released her newest EP High Dreamer which has a mix of various songs that show her unique and edgy sound as well as her songwriting. Listen to her songs on sound cloud and check out her page for upcoming shows.