Highland Kites could easily be mistaken for indie rock, but their unique folk flare begs to differ with their grooves, and new wave all mixed together with inspiring lyrics. Marisa Lamar, who is the singer-songwriter of the band, spent most of her twenties sick with Lyme disease, unsure if she was going to make it, Lamar watched the years go by and her friends fly past as she turned to music as her way of coping; as well as her saving grace. Music gave her a reason to want to move forward and fight the disease, it gave her the strength to overcome her weaknesses.

 Her songs tell a story in a sense of her hope, positivity, and her way of coming to a close with her struggles. She states that her music is to make people feel something, feel alive, even though most of her music is dark and depressing, as they describe her experiences. With little experience under her belt, she still went and booked gigs around Los Angeles, California on her own until she formed Highland Kites with Neil Briggs in 2014 who plays drums. Their first EP “So Vicious” caught the attention of producer Raymond Richards and not long after, they recorded their first full length album “All We Left Behind”. This climbed to the college radio charts in 2015, having been played on over 70 different stations.

They have recently teamed up with Richards once again to release their newest EP “Let Me Run” coming out July 23rd. Though the duo have created something different, Lamar wants to keep it as close to home as possible, with its original sound.