Lovesucker is a blend of the most unique sounds out there, with the “Gypsy Soul” of Crystal Crosby and the rocker Zoltan Von Bury who owes all his influences to the ’70s. Crosby always wanted to sound different than all the other usual mainstream musicians out there. Her influences are a mixture of Tori Amos to Etta James. Her voice is very edgy that most say, speaks from the heart. Von Bury has said that he always writes his music with a funk-edge to it, keeping to his influence and inspirations from the ’70s genre. Both Crosby and VonBury wanted to start something that was out there and way different than everything else. They wanted to stand out in the crowd and have people take a second listen, not only to get used to their uniqueness, but also to see if they would be able to see where one style ends and the other begins.

They’ve been said to sound a lot like The Black Crows, Funkadelic, The Kills, etc.

They put out their first record in October of 2014, which is also self-titled. Many of the songs on the album have unique stories behind them. This really shows the way in which Crosby and Von Bury work well together by taking their unique sounds and making them one.

Lovesucker is available on their website or on Bandcamp