Luca Bash always wanted to be a musician and just wanted to open people’s eyes through music. Bash started studying music in the ’90s in classical violin. Then decided to leave classical behind and switched to guitar in 1994, though could only write his first song in 1999; because of this, Bash immediately wanted to write more songs after falling for the creative process of song writing. Bash attended the University of Music in Rome, though after three years of studying, not only music but other forms of art, finally gained some recognition producing thirteen of his songs including “Dear John” which would be the first song to become known.Bash Participated in the Festival of Songs in 2006 in Italy as well where he came to win the award for best interpretation. Bash states that this was where he gained the motivation to continue his songwriting journey. While at the exhibit, he performed “Dear John” for over 1,000 people and stated while in the middle of his song, he paused for a brief moment and a young girl yelled out “Bravo!”, Bash states that was the only reason he composes for people like that to give that reaction, in which he ceases to amaze time after time. That connection he felt with that young girl in Piombino, Italy was what set Bash on a quest to visit, meet and have other people understand his unique sound and version of songwriting. Though soon after this first moment in Piombino, Bash formed a small group in Rome in which they named BASH, Bash was pleased to be able to shared his journey with these three people in which they spent six years performing together. In 2007, they won an award for Best Arrangement at the Festival in Piombino.

In 2011 they broke up after many of the members had to move different cities, but Bash’s quest did not end there and continued writing, however, in 2013, Bash was in a motorbike accident that left him in a coma for five days. Although when he awoke, he states he had an epiphany on where the music would go and what he wanted the music to do. Bash reunited with guitarist Giovanni Pes to begin his new chapter. In 2014, they formed CMYK and the two released four Eps, each of which represent one of the base colors of a printer and form the colors of a picture in which Bash’s interpretation of the colors are expressed in each song on each EP which also represent Bash’s musical journey. In 2015, Pes and Bash released “Your Tomorrow” on the EP Single Drops, which also has their favorite tracks on it. Pes adds a folk style to Bash’s composing.

Single Drops shows a range of sounds and style in Bash, how he views the world and writes in a unique way of seeing the darker things in life and bringing them to life. Bash’s quest was to connect solely with others with his view of the world and its realities. Bash continues to seek awe in others.