(No spoilers, if you’ve seen the trailer you’re safe to read on!)

If you like action then you’ll love this action packed blockbuster. Based on the original Mad Max starting Mel Gibson, Mad Max: Fury Road stars Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa, Tom Hardy as Max Rockatansky, and Nicholas Holt as Nux, who begin their crazy adventure to save innocent young women. Humanity is no longer, and several rebel groups run the main necessities, water, gas, food. Furiosa wants to save the leader of their group, Immortan Joe’s, wives by kidnapping them and travelling east to her home town, with attacks from many other groups including Max, a dangerous yet quiet man, himself, who helps Furiosa and the women get to their destination.

The film from beginning to end is non-stop action, with no time to take a breath in between. The film keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next. With the trailers being so vague, it was very hard to determine where this film was going, and if it would be a good one or not, which was one of the greater things about seeing it. The film was shown in 3D which was very well used seeing as how it was filmed in the desert and the way the fight scenes, driving a scenes, and just scenery themselves really showed the beauty of the area.

There weren’t many things wrong with the film, there was no background needed because not once did anyone wonder where the character was from because they so subtly adding little histories here and there, including Max’s many flashes of what had happened to him prior to being captured. However, we’re given a brief background on Furiosa, only because we go on the adventure with her back to her home town in which she was taken from as a young girl, yet Furiosa has a robotic arm that we never get to find out what exactly happened to it. She tells us in the film that she’s done these little escapades many times before, but that one was the first time that she had gotten so far, yet there was no mention of when or how she lost her arm. It was safe to assume that she either lost it during one of the failed attempts to get home, or in the rebel group. This is one thing that was not told.

Another subtle yet a little annoying thing during the film, is that Tom Hardy seemed as though he couldn’t focus a voice for Max. There were moments where is had a subtle Brooklyn accent, then a British accent, and at some point he channeled his inner Bain. Though, it wasn’t that bothersome, just being slightly nitpicky.

The film all around is amazing and a great action pack film for all ages. It’s a great comeback from the recent big blockbuster Avengers: Age Of Ultron because there were no errors in the film as with Avengers, there were plenty. If you’re planning on seeing this, be sure to see it in 3D or UltraAVX-3D, the effects are worth the extra bucks. Mad Max: Fury Road is the film to see this summer.