This stand-alone single track, Prince William Sound, is a follow up to Mark Vickness’ debut album, Places, which received much critical acclaim. This haunting modern finger-style acoustic guitar-based track sends you into another world of hills and clouds as you escape and get lost in his cords. As the strings are plucked with purposeful delight, each note resonates beautifully together.

Mark has played with world-renowned musicians and has worked hard to receive his Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in composition under Mel Powell.  He has also studied classical piano, sitar, and guitar. You can also catch Mark as the instrumental half of the acoustic fusion duo, Glass House.

No vocals needed when you have music this soothing.  This is a great track to listen to as you get ready for the day or prepare a nice meal. Let the sound of Mark’s guitar tell you a story and entrance you.

Check out the track below: