Ajay Mathur, an Indian as well as a Swiss-born musician, was raised in India started out his career playing local shows in Mumbai and New Dehli during the 1970s. As famous musicians of that era wanted to find some sort of cultural experience, they travelled to India and found themselves on stage and in jam sessions with Ajay; people like Jimmy Page. Though Ajay only found most of his success in Switzerland with his group “Mainstreet” during the 1980s as well as 1990s. the group itself had four hit singles along with two albums that brought them t the top 20 on the Swiss charts, as well as a month-long showcase at Tokyo’s Hard Rock Café.

Though Ajay does not stop there having more hits with his 2011 release of “A Matter Of Time” as it had great acknowledgments and reviews for international media, as well as his 2013 release of “Come See Conquer.” Ajay went along to obtain four award-winning singles, one of which was a finalist in a songwriting contest of 2011 called Show Me the Music, as well as being a finalist in the 2010 contest entitled Unsigned Only Songwriting Competition. Ajay has this sound to him that brings music that we’re used to (such as guitars, drums, bass) and puts his own cultural and influential spin to it by using a sitar. Ajay is a very talented and unique individual who is truly a genius at what he does. He has a fresh and upbringing sound to him, that truly can connect to the millions of fans as well as listeners around the globe.

Ajay’s new album “9 to 3” has a very interesting mix of genres for the 15 songs on the album. He goes from politics to romance, to some weird form of humor, as well as being completely narcissistic, in which they all reflect different parts of his life in different and meaningful ways. They all bring an upbeat and interesting vibe to them in which some of this songs bring an even more unique sound as he mixes jazz and latin music in with his original sound. Every song on the album has, so to speak, a mind and view of their own, bringing uniqueness and some form of journey every time you listen to it.

You can listen to his tracks here
 and be your own judge on this musical genius and watch as his own genre of music unfolds.