Matthew Morgan is more than just a guitar player and soulful singer; he creates his music playing nearly every instrument out there. Well maybe not every instrument, but he not only sings but plays piano, guitar, harmonica, organ, and many other stringed instruments to add to his unique folky, Neil Young sound. Matthew grew up surrounded by music in Ohio. Not only was his grandfather from the big band era as a professional saxophone player, but his mother had won awards for vocal as well as piano coach. By the age of seven, Matthew was singing in church, doing solos and has been aiming for stage acts ever since. Matthew studied at the Capital University Conservatory of Music in opera and classical voice, as well as musical theatre at Ken State University for a period of time. Matthew had found it hard to find what he wanted most in life, when an illness left him unable to do much for years to come.

After any years, Matthew finally built up the courage to sing his own work in which he produced, engineered, and performed in 2011 his debut “Red Silhouettes.” The record lead to success and helped him form an actual band, so that he wouldn’t have to struggle in doing everything on his own. The band was called “Matthew Morgan and the Lost Brigade.” In 2012, they renamed the band, “Found,” and they were nominated for three Indie Music Channel Awards, as well as achieved spots on TV such as MTV, the Disney Channel, Viacom, and the Discovery Channel. However, just a year after, Matthew left the band and recorded a solo EP early this year with producer Nate Lockwood.

The EP has many heartwarming and moving songs, that show how much Matthew has gone through in his life. Take the song “Lost At Sea,” this really shows his voice in many different variations, as well as how the words show someone who has known enough to see the world through a different light. Matthew has such a talent with musical instruments that he can take someone else’s arrangement and bring it to his own taste and his own way. The one song that shows this is “First Day,” where you can really hear how Matthew’s voice blossoms as the song goes on and how his talents shine brightly, even though the song is about the end of a relationship, you can truly hear the sadness in his voice and not just in the words he sings.

Matthew has played at many venues in Chicago, the Double Door, Hard Rock Café, Taste of Lincoln Avenue, to name a few. This August, Matthew will be performing at the SubT Lounge also in Chicago to promote his debut EP to also come out this August. He will then be going on a series of mini-tours throughout the states. You can listen to his EP here: