Based out of Maine, these indie-folk singers: Builder of The House, are catching the eyes and ears from Huffington Post and Consequences of Sound.

In 2011, Rob Cimitile had moved to Maine to help him heal from a bad breakup, and while there he had gotten back with an old flame, his Martin guitar. This caused him to experiment with his voice, which he had not used in a few years as it failed him in the grunge genre of music he grew up to love. However, after going through different life experiences and getting his Master’s Degree in Music Composition, his voice’s warm tone felt perfect and more interesting for a more diverse palate.

In 2012, Rob released Builder of The House’s first EP, entitled “I Am a Tidal Wave”, with the looks of being a solo artist when he met Elliot Heeschen. They had both been in a Zimbabwean Marimba band and truly trusted each other from the get-go. Elliot began to use the drums and percussive sounds for Rob. Now that they were a full-fledged band, they began to perform live acts as well as openers for various bands.

In 2015, their second EP was released entitled “Hourglass” and was featured in Reverb-Nation, SoundCloud of the day, and CD Baby’s DIY Musician blog. Rob had discovered that he enjoyed added visual components to the music which sprung them with several nominations for best music video as well as 1st place honours at the MOVE Music Festival and Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema.

AT the beginning of this year, they had began to work on their next full-length album entitled “Ornaments” and will be working with Acadia Recording Company’s Tom Hutchisen. Rob is known for his “obsessive brain” when it comes to his music especially with this full-length album

Earlier this year the band headed to Acadia Recording Company to work with engineer Todd Hutchisen on their first full-length album, Ornaments. The detailed arrangements and production nuances were overseen by Cimitile who is prone to sweat the details in every aspect of the release. It is indeed a wonder such laid-back music comes from a self-described “obsessive brain” but the band’s productivity is a testament to their unwavering resolve. Ornaments already has a stellar music video to complement its release in “Look at the Man” which draws attention to gender identity issues while conjuring up the kindred vibes of Feist, Timber Timbre, Lumineers & Fleet Foxes.