Matt Lande has always wanted to be with the action! He grew up in a small town in Florida and found his way out playing in a band called StorySide: B. He helped write the title track for the band’s first album “Everything and More” in which eventually had gotten to  be a hit on the Christian charts. They were signed by Gotee/EMI and were booked by William Morris, which helped them tour the US and perform with many bands such as Red & Jars Of Clay as well as Paramore. Though Lande eventually headed for Los Angeles, California in 2010 and was signed as an independent artist releasing an LP entitled Stories From Yesterday with the band Heaven Is Where.  Though the music and the name of the band did not fit, so Lande went for a non-Christian name for the band, deciding on a self titled band and released another LP in 2012 entitled Welcome Home Child as well as an EP entitled DarStar that was released later on that same year. even though Lande suffers from stage fright every now and again, this did not stop him! He pushed himself to perform and bring his uniqueness to the audience, as well as the big screen. Lance was a background actor for a few television shows, such as, TNT’s The Librarians, NBC’s Grimm, CW‘s Significant Mother, IFC’s Portlandia, and much more. Just when his career was booming, two of his close friends passed away some months from one another to cancer, and Lande turned to his music as a scapegoat to help him with his losses. The music to follow is what turned into Lande’s newest alternative pop album Glow. The new album is unlike anything that Lande has every written and performed, the rawness and emotions that is heard through every beat and every melody, shows how amazing Lande is as an artist.

You can listen to “Glow” here: