Nashaat Salman is an instrumentalist, orchestrator, and music composer, who works in film, as well as an engineer and business manager, who uses music as a side hobby. Salman studied film and Orchestration at Berklee College of music though studied being a business manager and an engineer by getting an MBA at the University Manchester Business School in England.

Though his career in music only ran for around two years, Salman composed music for programs on the radio, on television and other various multimedia project. In 2015, his Universal Melodies project will be released as a volume one EP album. Salman takes a spin on music and makes everything unique and out of this world by mixing up the world and new age sound with electronica and shows his amazing ability to turn something simple into something amazing. Although the EP only has four songs on the album, each song takes every listener on this musical journey of where Salman wanted people to go. Salman composing is a jaw-dropping demonstration at how amazing and how he took nothing and made it into something that verges on pure genius.

Salman also takes his roots from his sound. Take “Chasing” where Salman blends in a middle-eastern twist to it that brings into his culture with the intensity of his originality. This song could fit perfectly in anime or cartoon or even video games because of his original yet very ’80s inspired tunes; although it does have a unique a memorable sound to it.

Salman, though bringing his cultural sound and not skipping on his beliefs, also brings his own twist to the sound of today’s music and composes uniqueness. Though it can be hard for people to connect with the music rather than just dancing with the music, Salman can connect to the music by bringing his own beliefs into the music without needing to use vocals and hopes that others can envision what he tries to bring to life through instruments and culture. The EP shows how soulful and liberating the music can be and loves how different people from different cultures truly connect with the music.