Emilia Cataldo who is the singer and songwriter of New York’s Nehedar has recorded songs and collaborated with Little Pioneer since 2007 in his own Brooklyn studio which created her uniquely offbeat sound. In 2003, is when Emilia began to perform her own music to the public started in Williamsburg, Brooklyn then venturing off to Lower parts of New York. In 2007, when she released her first album “Pick You Battles”, she’d released at least one album per year for seven years. Though she took a little break to raise her son for the first three years, she has released her first album in three years entitled “Hello Abyss”. The album features guitarists Tim Rockmore and Shaul Zuckerberg.

For those nostalgia seekers out there, Nehedar has a great following as they have the sounds of the 90s rock n’ roll era with the electronic beats from the 90s.

Shedding skin
Happy Birthday
You’re Beautiful When You Fall Apart
Love and Fear
The grudge
Tonight Tonight