New Netflix original show, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” written and created by Tina Fey, stars Ellie Kemper as Kimmy Schmidt. Kimmy, along with three other girls, were kept in a bunker underground for fifteen years by cult leader Richard Wayne Gary Wayne, (played by Jon Hamm, Mad Men). Upon being released, Kimmy decides against going back to her old town and venturing on something new. This is where she meets Titus Andromedon, (played by Tituss Burgess, 30 Rock), her fabulous gay roommate and Jacqueline Voorhees, (played by Jane Krakowski, 30 Rock), the typical airheaded New Yorker who hires people to clean her house and raise her children. Kimmy is struck with the reality of how much she has missed out on and how amazing life really is.

This show is hilarious! Ellie Kemper is a great comedian and is very believable at playing a woman whose lost fifteen years of her life to some cult she joined as a teenager. There are little things here and there that show that, yes, Kimmy may be free from solitary, but, she has little moments of sounding as though she is insane and has partly lost her mind. Though, the characters in the show are also somewhat insane, don’t really catch up on her little slips. Some of the things that Kimmy says to her boss’ daughter shows how truly behind she is on life, which makes for a great laugh.

The redeeming part of the show is Titus Andromedon, all he wants in life is to be a Broadway star, and thanks to Kimmy coming into his life, he can now stop being a fake Iron Man on Time Square and practice his talents. Titus’ character is one of the funnier gay characters that have been shown in a while on television. His reactions, his jokes, his attempts at making his career a reality make it beyond a belief and more of a joke, but that is the whole point of the show.

The one part of the show that is more annoying than funny is Kimmy’s step father Randy Peterson, played by Tim Blake Nelson, O Brother Where Art Thou), is someone who is extremely forgetful, and his character, though still fitting with the show, comes off as more annoying than fatherly. He was the head sheriff in finding Kimmy fifteen years ago, but because he is so forgetful about things, it took them fifteen years to find Kimmy and the others. Though, his character is not shown much in the show, the couple episodes he is in, are somewhat cringe worthy and not that interesting, because even though one can tell that he was brought in, (along with Kimmy’s step sister Kymmi, played by Kiernan Schipka, Mad Men), to help bring some back story to Kimmy’s life before the bunker situation.

Tina Fey does make an appearance on the show at the end of the season when Richard Wayne Gary Wayne is on trial for his kidnapping of four innocent teenagers for fifteen years. Fey plays a lawyer who clearly is not a lawyer and is doing everything with her partner by movies and shows that they watch because they are too busy being sexual than actually caring about the case. Yes, this brought, again, more comedy to the show, but with a situation that Kimmy and her three friends went through, it would have been nice to have had some form of seriousness in the show.

All in all, this show has it’s ups and downs, but mainly up with the hilarity of the situation. There is only season one on Netflix so far, but season two is due out early next year.

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